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Food Intolerance Testing

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I am looking for a some ways to test for food intolerances.

I use the quest lab through my insurance and was wondering if it was possible to test for food allergies/intolerances going through them?

If not, what are some other good labs to do it through? I have seen Lame Advertisement come up a few times and there are others that are similar.

The Lame Advertisement is very expensive at $425 dollars for the cheapest test, but also seems the best I think. Not sure.

Is the Lame Advertisement lab or any other food intolerance test covered by insurance, or can be submitted to insurance like a Genova test. That would be great and possibly save me some money.

Whatever the case is, I am looking for a something that tests for multiple things such as eggs, dairy, etc. I would like to keep it as cheap as possible, but accurate at the same time, and hopefully it might be free going through quest labs.

I would really appreciate any help or advice you could provide me. Thank you.

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truly, unless you are officially "allergic" the only way to know is to eliminate one food at a time from your diet for a period of time and see if you feel/see a difference. If you take away everything you think may be bothering you all at once, you will never know for sure which item could be a DEFINITE culprit. It takes time and its frustrating but it's pretty fool-proof. Take 2 wks at a time and eliminate ONE item for that time. If you feel better then eliminate it. If you have multiple.....you will feel SOME better but not altogether. So then the next 2 wks choose something else to eliminate. I started out knowing I was lactose intolerant for YEARS and suddenly was affected so much more. So I started the process and ended up being gluten-intolerant, dairy (obviously), egg-intolerant, bean-intolerant, nut-intolerant and rice-intolerant. Everyone is so different that you are the best judge. There's no sense in spending hard-earned money on tests that aren't all that reliable.

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