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Having A Really Bad Day

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I have no idea where I got glutened, as I only eat at home. But my 4 year old is having symptoms as well, so something happened somewhere.

I ache sooo bad today. My right leg is hurting so bad. I cannot believe that a few months ago I lived like this! Even my right arm is achy.

I'm sad, for no particular reason. I'm mean to my kids, and I don't know why. I feel like I could just start crying at any moment.

I can't even bake!! I am actually really good at baking, and today I couldn't make cookies. Cookies!!

I hate this feeling. Flighty. Trapped in my head. Feeling like I'm going to be sick...

Someone at work last night (and she knows me pretty well), said I looked high. Thanks a lot! I knew then that I'd been glutened.

I feel like I could fall asleep standing up...

I think that DH may have unintentially glutened me. He takes it relatively seriously, but not always, and he's not that great about watching his CC.

I'm sorry, I just needed to vent. No one undestands this, and someone actually suggested I just take some Benadryl... oy.

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