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Any Chance Their Is Gluten In :

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Not to be gross but if you're only 'going' every couple days you probably could benefit from taking magnesium malate and drinking a some ginger tea to get more regular. Don't overdo either but the bloating was my constant companion until I started working on the constipation, even after gluten free. I still have to drink ginger tea, do Pilates exercises, eat, yogurt, and take magnesium malate every day (plus drink lots of water) to not have a problem. I think for some of us the gluten is just one of several things going on.

Hope this helps.

I will try that Jean's...thank you. I am only about 110 lbs now but I am very sedentary because I sit all day at work then all night at home because of my studies. I should exercise for sure, and know I do not eat any raw fruits and veggies due to allergies so I should try something to eliminate some of the constipation type of issues.

Now this may be a silly question but I take Nexium for supposed acid reflux. The only medicine I take daily and its been for like 3 to 4 months now. I think that that probably adds to the constipation problem. Isn't Nexium some sort of Magnesium? Is the Magnesium Malate something different? Would it have to be Ginger Tea or could i tbe GingerAle. Ha ha. I like soda but am not sure about Tea. May have to just try it.

I took out the snacky overprocessed foods and feel much better today. Been eating whole foods since that episode and have felt a world of difference ;)

*Multiple allergies including IGE positive RAST to Wheat, Rye, Barley and Oats.

*Diagnosed with IBS 3/09.

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