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I was waiting for your post Peter! Thanks!

Well, I actually found one that Peter missed. Yeah for me! :blink::lol: It is possible to get wine barrels sealed with wheat paste. Here is a place that sells them to wine makers. That doesn't mean that every wine out there has been stored in a barrel sealed with wheat paste of course. Probably most larger wineries use stainless steel storage tanks for their wine. So, it might not be a bad idea to check with the winemaker on it. I suppose it might be possible for them to change to a rice flour paste if enough people asked them nicely. Or we could ask them for a list of wineries that buy their barrels too.


The quote is near the bottom of the page on making the barrels.

More on the Mighty Oak Barrel


"After the toasting level is reached, the coopers are ready to finish assembling the oak barrel. The grooves inside the oak barrel (called crozes) receive an application of wheat flour paste (while the barrel is upright). After this the crozes have heads fitted in. Put into place with a large mallet, the final hooping is then complete."

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