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Will Going Wheat/Gluten Free Help Cure My Skin Condition?

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Allo, Bonjour B)

Hi all, im new here so I'll just take this oppertunity to hey, whats'up to everybody :P and just explain my situation. My names stewart, Im 29, from london and I've suffered with a skin condition for the past 5yrs, Doc's diagnosed it as CRP (confluent and reticulated papillomatosis). Basically I get red little patches on my neck, armpits & scalp along the hair line, and my hair falls out really easily when its bad :( . Im not 100% convinced that the Docs really understand my condition but they've put me on oxytetracycline tabs which help but dont cure the problem (ive been taking them for 2yrs). I have never been diagonsed as wheat/gluten intolerant and I never even knew what celiac was until recently. Thing is thou this curse of a condition has been buggin me for the past 5 yrs and i've tried every shampoo, cream, pill etc but still it persists. Recently reading on another form I read a post from someone with the same condition and they said that by changing their diet and cleansing themselves as he put it, he managed to clear the condtion up once and for all.

I have decided im gonna try and do the same, Im gonna cut out gluten/wheat from my diet and eat healthier in general, so that has lead me here looking for more info about going wheat/gluten free. This forum looks great, I only just found it so I have loads to read on here but I just wanted to ask a few questions. Firstly, do you guys think that going wheat/gluten free will help my skin condition? And also if i'm gonna give this a go how full on does it have to be? I have read posts where people are saying that they have made there kitched a gluten-free zone, that they dont use any products like soap, shampoo etc which contain wheat/gluten, and that they wont so much as eat a crum of a wheat/gluten product. So im thinking if i'm gonna go on a gluten/wheat free diet I should go full on like this right???

Sorry for such a long boring post but any help or advise you guys could give me would be very much appreciated

Thanks, Stewart :)

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How full on do you have to take this? All the way! Once you take gluten out of your system you will react more strongly to smaller amounts.

I don't have a completely gluten free kitchen because I have a large family. But I do everything I can to avoid ingesting even small amounts of gluten.

Remember that if you go gluten free before being tested the tests will come back negative. So if you're gonna need a Dr'd order to give up pizza get tested first. I didn't need all the tests. For me eating gluten is like kicking myself. I get sick quickly and stay that way for about a week.

Remember this diet has a learning curve to it so even if you draw a line and say, "After this point I will not eat gluten!" - you will make mistakes. Just keep reading labels and looking things up. Good Luck RA

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Agree, 100%. Otherwise, how are you going to know it's making a difference? My little bit of experience. Since my late teens I've had some skin issues. The two worst were a rash on my feet and then on my scalp. My scalp was getting so bad recently, I kept trying new shampoos, which gets expensive! I decided to go with a plain water wash. At this point, I was 90% gluten-free (because of my diagnosed boys). It did seem to help. But after seeing some other symptoms I decided to go gluten-free all the way. About 4-5 days into it, my body (and scalp) went crazy. But thankfully it's all settling down and improving on a daiy basis. So, yes, for me, going gluten-free all the way definitely helps! My brother too. His wife is gluten-free and he noticed skin improvements with her. But he's back on a tour of duty (he's in the Army) and obviously eating gluten food. He told me his rash popped back out among other things.

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