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Anyone Else Have This Problem?

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i have been gluten free for 2 months with a couple of accidents (one i'm still feeling horrible from day 3!) anyway, i have over the years noticed an oily film when i pee, never any pain (this is gross i know) and had different tests done with things being normal. i thought maybe it would go away soon since enterolab told me when i called to discuss lab results with them that a lot of celiacs will have oily #1 and #2. so i wondered why that is and today while researching via the web i found a link about it possibly being something called "chyle" which is " digestive fluid containing fatty droplets, found in the small intestine".

just curious if anyone else has heard of this or dealt with this problem or if it seems to make sense these would go hand in hand? i'm still trying to decide what could be the causes for different things that have gone wrong with my body and i was really hoping this would have cleared up by now. maybe its still too soon. thanks for the input!

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