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Are These Proteins Completely Dairy-Free?

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I can't tolerate whey protein, so I was wondering about Soy protein. These look to be completely dairy free, but soy milk seems like it should be too. But it's not is it?

Thank you!

http://Lame Advertisement/product/index.jsp?productId=2133646&clickid=prod_cs

http://www.Lame Advertisement/store/un/isolate.html

http://www.Lame Advertisement/store/opt/100soy.html

http://www.Lame Advertisement/store/pl/soy.html

Oh I can't post links? Well the first one is gnc and the second is bodybuilding. No advertisement here just trying to ask an honest question...

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The GNC one says it's milk-free right on the label. If that's not enough assurance for you, you'll have to call or write GNC. Yes, soy milk is dairy free. It's made from ground soybeans. Check the label to be sure it's gluten-free though. I ran across some that was sweetened with malt syrup.

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