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Lyme-Induced Gluten Intolerance/celiac-- Does It Get Better?

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I have read several threads on here in regards to Lyme disease and how gluten intolerance often can go along with it.

I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with Lyme via positive western blot and titre. I had multiple tests done at the same time to determine the cause of my hip pain and severe fatigue. My x-ray and follow up Bone density scan showed mild osteopenia, my vit d levels were 18 and my deamidated gliadin was high at 31.something. My doctor disregarded this as "not convincing of celiac, although you can go to a GI if you want". I have been poked and prodded so much in my life (EGD 12 years ago looking for malabsorption, Bone marrow biopsy looking into low platelets, etc....) that I didn't want to go to any more doctors. I was through.

Now, over the past two years I can't help but think I should have went. I went to my family doctor a couple of weeks ago requesting a repeat celiac panel and he seemed really unconcerned. He wanted to see my EGD and bloodwork from the GI I saw years ago and said he would call when he determined what bloodwork needed to be done. Of course, now it has been over 3 weeks and not a word. Doctors here just aren't good at looking for Celiac.

So, my question is... if the positive deamidated gliadin was due to the Lyme disease... could it get better as Lyme gets better? Most of my symptoms from Lyme (after lots of natural/herbal drugs after my 1 month of doxy) are gone, although I do have some flares from time to time when run down.

Does anyone know? I keep going back to being gluten-free because I'm so sick of doctors and I just don't think I can stand one more doc who doesn't know what they are talking about! I wish I could order my own bloodwork and see if it's still elevated! LOL!


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