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I've only been diagnosed for a few months and still finding my feet, mostly by trial and quite a bit of error :huh:

Last week my wife made a cake using an Orgran mix (I feel confident with Australian regulations), and I'm back to the bad old days again.

The cake tin was obviously cleaned after being used with gluten (prior to diagnosis) and lined with grease proofed paper, do you think it's possible this is the source of my problems?

To be honest I feel I'm clutching at straws with this, am I being overly paranoid or is this is a legitimate concern? How can a gluten particle be absorbed into the cake etc.

I was 'glutened' a fortnight ago with some chocolate, but from past experience that mistake should have worn off by now.

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unfortunately the old pans COULD be your source of CC

i used this as an (expensive - i admit it) excuse to buy new pans

(the ones that were still in good condition i donated to my local good will and got a tax receipt for - some other cooking supplies i traded w/ a friend who is very supportive for - as she needs new she goes through my "glutened" supplies and then buys me new in glass)

also... how old is the grease proofed paper? by touch could it have been contaminated previously?

on the flip side, could there be other ingredients such as soy or dairy that you are now more sensitive to that were used or are part of the mix? many individuals who go gluten-free find they are also sensitive to others too.

good luck & know you have support here!

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I've never had an issue with any of the Orgran mixes. Did you add milk and eggs or did you do their vegan option? You might have another food intolerance.

If your cake tin is old and scratched it could be an issue. Also, have you replaced all your wooden spoons, sieve, and cleaned your mixer really, really, really well?

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Check the mixer. Little bits of flour get in all the cracks. I found that cheap white vinegar dissolves it pretty well. If you can't get in the cracks just keep flushing with the vinegar and water. If it's really old, might have to break down and get a new one.

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