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Kaiser Anyone?

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Hello. I am wondering if you all could help me with a few questions.

1. I have Kaiser (CA) and am wondering what testing they do. I am going to write out a family history and try to get my new doctor to test me. I was tested for antibodies but it was negative. My son was tested and his antibody test was negative but the Prometheus Genetic test was interpreted to me as " He has 1/2 of a celiac gene so we cannot rule that he has celiac or does not have it. (he is on autistic spectrum and gets canker sores in his mouth. Those are his only "symptoms" as far as I can tell, OH except he got type 1 diabetes two years ago! I lost my copy of his test so do not know the actual results).

Since my son possibly has celiac he must have gotten it from either me or his father and considering my health and my family history it is probably me.

2. If Kaiser will not order testing for me and I want to order it and pay for it myself, what lab do you recommend? I read that Entrolabs also tests for gluten sensitivity.

Thanks for your responses.

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