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Less Inflammation = Fewer Symptoms?

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I've had overt celiac symptoms since February 2009. Discovered I had it at the end of July 2009. Tried to go gluten-free August 2009 (but didn't know all foods that had gluten), went totally gluten-free October 2009, and totally casein-free January 2010.

Anyway, I haven't had any celiac symptoms for months now. There were some mistakes, like when I had barbeque sauce which contained modified food starch and caramel color, and I got a nasty headache (but no other symptoms) that cleared up within minutes of taking L-glutamine. But I haven't had anything that I would identify as a celiac reaction for a long time now. I also used to be hungry all the time since going gluten-free, but that's not really a problem now.

For the record, my symptoms are low blood sugar reaction, severe inability to focus or concentrate, nasty headache, liquid D, and weird "squib" noises in my stomach every few seconds that last for a long time.

Anyway, I'm still trying to make my diet healthy. I removed hydrogenated oils from it, after learning of their health effects, and introduced fish oil. This is a very recent change, as in, less than 2 weeks ago.

I'd read in the past about the link between inflammation and autoimmune disorders, as well as inflammation and celiac disease. Celiac is said to cause inflammation, but do the symptoms go down if there's less of it?

Hydrogenated oils cause inflammation. Fish oil reduces inflammation. Removing the first and adding the second should obviously be a big help. (I did it for many health reasons anyway, but this should be an additional benefit)

So, my question to all of you is, is there a chance that my symptoms will be reduced if I succeed in significantly reducing inflammation? Not that I plan to eat gluten again - even if my celiac is cured, the long-term health effects even on non-celiacs are simply not worth it. But still, do you think that if I continue this healthy diet of fish oil minus hydrogenated oil, and take care of myself, and get my inflammation reduced, that my symptoms will be much lesser should I accidentally come into contact with small amounts of gluten?

Plus, a study did show that the risk of early death was higher for those with inflammation than those without, so I wonder if that, to some extent, may be part of the key to our wellbeing.

Born 1981. Is also autistic - officially diagnosed.

Started having fructose-related problems in late 2008.

Started noticing gluten-related symptoms around March 2009.

Discovered the problem and went (mostly) gluten-free in early August 2009. Promptly became hungry all the time.

I can tolerate fructose again now.

Went dairy-lite in mid December 2009, then casein-free in early January 2010. Hunger shot up again twice.

Hunger apparently mostly normal in mid February 2010.

Started taking fish oil in July 2010, then got new symptoms. Got different new symptoms when I stopped, and hunger shot up AGAIN.

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