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Has anyone tried this? Does it make good bread???

I used it to make bread and it was good, but my son prefers Bette Hagman's Featherlight bread.

I tried biscuits, and they were really good (many not-so-good attempts using other stuff) but my son prefers yeast rolls.

I tried the pizza dough recipe, again it was good, but tasted kind of like biscuits - again, my son prefers the Featherlight pizza crust (uses yeast), while this one used just baking powder. I think it would be really good to make a pot pie or cobbler topping, but that's more stuff my son never would eat.

I did occasionally just use it for "breading" and it was good.

I used it to make a pan version of Tollhouse cookies, and they were awesome - the best I have had. I made that quite a few times.


Mom of Garrett - Mizzou freshman; diagnosed Jan 2005

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