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Trace Amounts Of Gluten

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Q. Can I eat chocolate with only 'trace' amounts of gluten?

A. No. No level of gluten is safe to consume on a gluten free diet. If a product is declaring 'trace amounts of gluten', it is usually because a wheat starch blend has been used as the moulding agent. This results in a dusting of wheat starch on the outside of the product.

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If you have a source to substantiate this, please share it with us.

Usually, "may contain traces" is a legal disclaimer because products containing wheat are also manufactured in the plant.

In Canada, "may contain" is not allowed as a substitute for labeling ingredients, nor as a substitute for good manufacturing practices. It may only be used when, despite best cleaning efforts, there may still be contamination.

In the US, if wheat is intentionally used in the production, it must be declared and cannot be qualified by "may contain" or "traces."

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