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What Test Should I Request?

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Hi! I have a doctor's appointment with my family practioner this Tuesday, and I'm wanting her to test me for Celiac and/or Gluten sensitivity. What are those particuliar tests called? She has been working with me to try and figure out why I've been having so much anxiety and other problems for the past 15 months. I'm really hoping that this is my answer, and that I am not losing my mind. lol I've dealt with severe anxiety (hit and miss) the past 15 months and I have been on an antidepressant, but the anxiety still prevails. I also have suffered with periods of bad brain fog and confusion, terrible sleep issues, stomach aches/nausea and heartburn/indigestion. I also battle periods of fatigue and no energy or motivation. I deal with a lot of irritable feelings and mood swings, but I am always aware that I am being irrational. I just don't feel like me anymore, and it seems like this has lasted forever. Everyday, I am aware of my emtional state. I've lost confidence in myself. I'm a stay-at-home mother of two little boys, and I just can't handle all this stress. I need to be cured so that I can get on with my life! Anyway, I'm hoping that going Gluten Free will resolve these issues, but I'm very confused on what I can and cannot eat. I understand that you can't have wheat, barley, malt, oats, etc. I'm confused though on the other ingredients. I see people all the time saying that there are hidden gluten ingredients. I don't even know if I can have a cup of coffee with creamer. lol

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tests: Tissue Transglutamase Iga & Igg

Endomysial Antibody

Total Iga Serum

Deamidated Gliadin Peptide

**if they do not have this newer DGP test available, then ask for the Antigliadin Iga & Igg

you need a complete panel- as many of us have many negative results.

also- u MUST be eating enough gluten for an accurate test (like 4-6 slices of bread worth a day-> 4-6 weeks).

you'll learn soon enough the diet. i have coffee every morning with Nestle Sugar Free non-dairy creamer... it has a lot of CRAP in it.. but no gluten.

good luck!

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On my lab sheet, it is called the celiac panel and it consisted of:

anti-tissue transglutaminase IGA

Gliadin IGA & IGG

Endomysial AB

Reticulin AB

Also, the total serum IGA (separate from celiac panel)

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