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Any Other Mountain Bikers?

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In the summer, my biggest commitment and passion is mountain biking! I feel like even now that I know about the Celiacs Disease, I can't seem to get any faster or stronger! Going up the same trails feel just as hard all the time and I just sometimes feel defeated! My energy going uphill just depletes quickly and I'm just not becoming any faster of a climber then when I first started. They guys are constantly waiting for me at the top (which on a side note I totally redeem myself on the downhill!) :P I want to be a stronger mtn biker and I'm thinking that maybe I don't eat enough protein or not eating the right things to fuel rides or after rides? so I'm hoping there are some gluten-free mtn bike folks on here that can give me some tips about building up strength and how they became stronger riders.

Thanks so much!

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Ok I'm a road rider but a bike's a bike, right? Post ride nutrition should consist of carbs and some protein (you're not weightlifting here so no need to go protein crazy). I don't think gluten-free eating effects that particularly much, just reach for those Glutino multi-grain crackers with a scoop of cottage cheese :D. Gels can be handy for a quick carb boost on a long ride, I prefer the Clif Shot variety. I think most such products on the market will be gluten-free but read the labels, of course.

As far as hill climbing, there's 3 main things you can do: interval training for greater power output, do more hill climbing, and lose body fat if you're overweight. I have no idea about your health status small intestine-wise but if you had a lot of celiac problems then you may need to heal before nutrition improves which would no doubt effect recovery times and athletic performance. There are tons of books on bike training on the market.

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