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I am new to all of this - not diagnosed but have been trying to follow a gluten free (as well as other restriction) diet. However I have had a couple of reactions and am wondering if they were gluten reactions. I know I am glutamate sensitive and can blame it for these reactions I assume.

The first was to some gluten free granola. (Udi's was the brand - vanilla flavor). The reactions included increase in burning mouth as well facial pain (these are both things I would like to eliminate or decrease).

The second was to an Rx med - new manufacturer of a generic - had pregelatinized starch as well as start in it - old manufacturer used cornstarch. The reaction here was an increase in internal shaking and a spike in blood pressure. I realize that without knowing the source of the starch, it could be from wheat.

I also get abdominal pain at times under the right rib but it isn't gall bladder problem but could be liver.

I have tried to be gluten free since Feb 23. I am in the process of finding a new PCP as the old one is leaving the area and do have an initial appt with someone is 2 weeks.

I would appreciate any inside. Thanks in advance.

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