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gluten-free But Processed On Shared Equipment...huh?

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I am traveling for work right now and am just outside of Atlanta. I eat a lot of protein bars for snacks and usually get the ThinkThin ones, which are awesome! Last night when I got into town I went to the store and stocked up on a few groceries. I bought Promax bars because they said gluten free right on the label. I just ate one, then realized that while it does say it is gluten free, on the fine print it states that it is processed on shared equipment with WHEAT! Whaaaaat? I am a very sensitive Celiac and I cannot afford to get glutened on this trip! Has anyone had the Promax bars and not had a problem?

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Always got to read the fine print. Never had those specific bars so I can't answer your question on them.

Most companies that use shared equipment state that the lines are washed in between each batch. Not speaking on this product just in general.

There is no hard and fast law on what can be labeled as Gluten Free other than it having to have less than 20PPM's of Gluten. This is a problem which was brought up to the gov't just a few weeks ago.

I hope you are feeling well and didn't get glutened.

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