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Eating Too Fast And Not Chewing Food

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Hi everyone,

Just been reflecting on my childhood and eating habits. As a child i used to eat large meals really fast in like 5 mins!!! My mum said i used to chew my food about 3 times at most!! I ate really large amounts of everything all the left overs and ask for more when I had finished an was always really skinny as a child. If i have adopted these eating habits from childhood ( almost 20 years) how much damage could i have potentially caused as my digestive system must have been under soo much stress? ( i had insomnia since I was 6 years old!) all my friends say i still eat really fast now even tho im trying to slow down!! Does anyone else eat fats and not chew food thoroughly? and could this have caused this mess im in now?

Thanks everyone


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No, that's silly. :D I know a lot of perfectly healthy people who eat the same way you do. It's not your fault.

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