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Translation of




300g flour Promix-uni (ingredients: potatoes starch, corn starch, rice flour, modified corn starch, soy flour, guar gum and lecithin)

250g margarine - 2 bars of margarine, or butter

2 egg

8 Tbsp. of sour milk

½ Tbsp. of salt

1 Tbsp. of guar gum


3 eggs whites

225g of powdered sugar

1 bag of vanilla sugar, or 2 Tbsp. of extract

1 Tbsp. or lemon juice

1 egg to spread over Shamrones


3. Mix flour, chunks of margarine, egg yolks, guar gum and salt and make dough with your hands. Place dough in a plastic bag and put it for 10-12 hours in the fridge.

4. Later roll the cold dough on floured working board to the size of 4-5 mm and cut it to wider strips.

5. Slowly roll the strips, one at the time on tubes. Put waxed paper on the bottom of cookie sheet and place the Shamrones on it. Slightly mix l egg and spread it with the help of painter brush over them. Bake them 25 minutes on 355F.

6. Take cooled down Shamrones of the tubes. They still need to be warm to touch. They will brake when cold.

7. Whip very stiff egg snow from eggs whites, vanilla sugar, and powdered sugar. Before the snow peak add l Tbsp. of lemon juice and finish the snow. *** My suggestion. Whip eggs until eggs whites will turn very white, than start to add sugars, one Tbsp. at the time. When you done with sugar, add, lemon juice and continue to whip for about 1-2 min., or until you see the snow peak- turn the bowl upside down, and if the snow stays in place, it’s done. Keep whipping the egg whites until you are able to do that.

8. Fill the bag with the egg snow and slowly fill the every hall from each side of Shamrone. Be very careful because the Shamrones are very delicate.

9. Place them on plate and cover with powdered sugar. Enjoy!

I can see one problem. She talks about 2 eggs in the dough, but adding only eggs yolk in 3. I think that she meant all eggs.

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I posted the topic into wrong place. Sorry :unsure::blink:

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thanks so much


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