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Still Same Symptoms As 4 Months Ago

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I'm 43 and still have same lower ab pain. It is worse after exercise. Hurts mostly on left and then across at pubic line.

I'm seeing gastro. Dr. today. Maybe he can shed some light. I'm feeling like they'll never figure out. Could it still be a colon problem, endometiosis or scar tissue proble form old surgery? At end of day I have trouble walking due to pain. Vicodin really doesn't due much. I take it at night. Primary care just says he doesn't know and pretty much the same with ob. Ob'll probably do a lap in the next few weeks. I'd love your thoughts.

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Hmmm. I am 42 yo and have been gluten-free for 1 yr. I have had constant low grade abdominal pain, morning nausea and fatigue for the past 15 or so months. My celiac disease seemed to be triggered by major abdominal surgery (hysterectomy to remove fibroid). I guess your Ob will be able to tell you if scar tissue or female parts or endo may account for the pain. Vicodin is a hefty pain killer isn't it? It must be bad pain. My pain is low grade but never leaves me. But it's the fatigue that is most troubling to me.

I visited a new gastroenterologist today and he suspects I

may have underlying conditions as well as celiac disease and the various food intolerances I know about - perhaps IBS and fibromyalgia.

My Dr has suggested that I may have to live with it and live as healthy a life as I can, with minimal stress (i work fulltime as an engineer in a senior position and it is stressful) and lots of relaxation. I am trying to come to terms with this since I know that for a lot of these AI conditions and related conditions there is no magic pill cure.

Sorry i wasnt much help. I hope that you sort out your pain!

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