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4Food (Midtown Manhattan)

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I am a recently diagnosed Celiac and have been trying to find gluten free restaurants near my job. I came across this burger place called 4food in Midtown East that has a ton of gluten free options. My co-worker and I proceeded to order and enjoyed the food. I was really excited b/c I thought I found a place that I could order from, but my happiness was short lived. I felt a little strange after lunch, but dismissed it. Later that night and now the following day, my hives are back, which I have been struggling with and have been treating with steroids, benedryl, you name it. I was perplexed b/c I've been keeping a log and trying to be really strict about what I consume. The only thing I could think of that could have possibly caused this was this burger place. It's so unlike me, but I called and asked to speak to the manager. I introduced myself, explained that I had ordered yesterday and asked if they cook their gluten free food on a separate grill. The manager (Nina) admitted they only cook the rice buns and veggie burgers on a separate grill. I explained to her that I suffer from Celiac Disease and that by cooking gluten free food w/ non gluten free food she was contaminating the "gluten free" food, defeating the purpose and misleading her customers who are trusting the food is being handled properly. She apologized and said "If you ever decide to come back to us I will personally make sure your food is properly cooked".

That's all good and great, but what about eveyone else who eats at this place? They have a great concept and great food, but they need to clean up their act. Just a heads up people.

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If they cook veggie burgers on the grill with the gluten free food, its most likely not gluten free. Most veggie burgers have wheat &/or oats in them.

Is this a chain? IF so, write an email to the corporate office. Be sure to mention that they made you sick.

Lots of places say they have a gluten free menu, but its really only gluten lite.

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