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It has occurred to me that maybe I need to take supplements, but I'm unsure. Are there any vitamins or minerals I need to be aware of while gluten-free that I wouldn't get normally from eating fruits and veggies and other grains?

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First thing is first. Go to your doctor and get an annual physical (should be covered under your insurance). Make sure they do a blood test to see what may be missing or what areas might be spiking high. Based upon the results (usually take about a week), the doctor can make a recommendation as to what you should be taking as a supplement.

The other thing that puts me at a handicap is that I have no idea what your gender or age is? That is one of the crucial elements for input.

In the meantime, it certainly can't hurt for you to get your hands on triple distilled fish oil. That's for people young, old, male, female, etc.

Good luck with the tests.

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