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Dh And Chronic Hives

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I just want to say that it has been maddening trying to figure out what is wrong with my skin. It has taken me two years to fully figure it out. And I want to post a link for others who may be struggling with skin issues too. I have had a burning weeping oozing rash in many spots, lower back, elbows, back of neck, behind my ear, on my chin, and forehead. I have been gluten free for 11 months now. Some of the sores healed but very slowly. Some did not and continued to flare...along with face swelling and lip swelling. So in researching I found Chronic Urticaria or Chronic Hives and decided to try a low histamine diet. It worked but kind of slowly. As a matter of fact, if I eat anything from the histamine containing list of foods...my sores react. It wasn't just DH. I have Chronic Hives too. So if you have eliminated Iodine...and Gluten...and you still have skin rash problems, you might consider this. It was very difficult figure out and it is very difficult to maintain. But every time I cheat and think I can have a little something...my skin pays for it for a long time.

Now I'm Gluten free, Low Salicylate, Low Histamine, and avoid all Preservatives and food colorings, and Dairy free. If I drink a diet coke...I react to the Benzoates...almost immediately. If I eat M&M's I get sores welting and weeping. No wonder I thought I was allergic to everything...I nearly am. It has been a long war...to figure out that the only safe food for me is meat and some vegetables. I just wanted to share because I had two kinds of lesions, DH were painful slow healing blisters, but the hives were itchy mosquito bite welts and sometimes linear welts. Anti-histamines sometimes helped, so that made me think it wasn't DH. But gluten contaminatin made some sores very reactive...so that made me think it was DH. The Dr.'s would only say it was neurotic excoriation...and yes, indeed it was...very painful, itchy neurotic excoriation...caused by both DH and Chronic Hives. I am now down to 4 very small sores that are healing slowly as long as I mind my diet very closely. Facial swelling is gone. Just in case anyone is interested or struggling with this too.


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Meat, :)

I know how you have struggled mightily with these sores and I admire your strength!

I was reading in Recognizing Celiac Disease that chronic urticaria results from an "immune mechanism, gastrointestinal inflammation in celiac disease, and increased intestinal permeabilitiy facilitating the passage of antigens". (p. 169)

It further asserts that it can resolve completely after adopting a gluten-free diet. According to some studies, 1 in 53 celiac disease patients develops it. The key, according to these articles, is gut healing and restoring intestinal mucosa.

I hope it resolves for you, hon! and SOON!

My best,


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Oh my gosh, you are so smart! I actually have that book too! But I have tried to absorb so much information it gets soooo confusing. I'm happy to be near the end of the struggle. Paleo minus fruit...well..they say I can have mango and pear so I guess I will live.

Thank you for all of your support Irish!

I hope you are getting better too!

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