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Easy Foods To Find

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I have started teaching a gluten-free class for newly diagnosed people to help them get started, because we all know how little useful information your doctor has. This forum is my biggest recommendation for new people to get answers, thank you all very much. But I'd like to have a list to hand out of items that are gluten-free and easy to find in a grocery store or convenience store, with brand names. I don't mean specifically gluten-free breads or cookies, but things like Nut Thins, tuna cups, cheese sticks, yogurt, etc that will do when you need a quick lunch and don't have the means to cook. What are your favorite on-the-go foods?

Here's a starter list:

Nut Thins

tuna in pop-top cans

cottage cheese

Yoplait yogurt

cheese sticks

BabyBel cheeses

Rice Chex

Pirate Booty

Hormel or Boar's Head sliced pepperoni

Oscar Mayer prepackaged lunch meats

There are other things that I would recommend with a warning, because of possible cross-contamination, like Lay's products. And some things that would be good if you have access to a microwave, like individual cans of Bush's beans or some of the Hormel lunches or Dinty Moore beef stew.


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So many newly diagnosed people should be dairy free that I would primarily list items without dairy myself.

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We pack lunches to go every day as it is tough to run in a store and throw a quick lunch together - especially for the newly diagnosed. I recall a few tears threatening to fall during those early shopping missions. We usually eat left overs from dinner; sandwiches on Udi's Bread (when first diagnosed I couldn't imagine spending so much on bread, so I used cabbage wraps - as my kids went gluten-free I found it impossible to not have sandwich bread in the house so I no longer complain about the price), vegies with or without dip; fruit, applesauce, etc.

Here are a few snack ideas:

Fruits - most are very portable

Nuts - careful to watch for those that are processed in facility that also processes wheat

Raisins - alone or mixed with peanuts

Glutino Pretzels *

Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Granola Bars - both the almond and peanut flavors *

* cheaper from amazon

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