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Need Help With Hubby's Test Results

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Hi everyone,

My husband was diagnosed Gluten Intolerant a year ago. He's done okay, he no longer has that urgent need to go feeling in the morning but he still has some bloating and gas especially at night.

My big concern is that he went for his annual to have his blood drawn for his thyroid and this time had a full blood work up. His white blood count was low 3.11 with 4.0 being the normal range and the doctor told him his vitamin b12 was low so they did the test again. They called and said that the wbc improved but was still low and they want him to see a hematologist. Me being the big online researcher that I am looked up low wbc and freaked out over some of the serious possibilities!

When I discussed this with my mother in law she calmed me down and said it was probably celiac related. His brother who is celiac and was diagnosed 7 years ago still gets b12 shots. Wanted to get you guys opinion as well and if anyone can relate? Thanks in advance, haven't been on the board for awhile since I've been feeling fantastic gluten free but glad to know you are all still here!

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