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So I was officially diagnosed about 13 months ago.

I am 23 years old.

Before Diagnosis: I was sleeping 15-18 hours a day, way too tired to work out. Eating like a pig.

Now: I sleep about 9-10 hours a day. I can do my routine as a student, and I can work out, but not with the kind of energy that would be expected of someone my age. For example, I can walk but not run, do light weightlifting, and pushups. I eat slightly less than I did before, but now its all very nutritious because I cook half of it.

My "celiac belly" is still there.

My weight hasn't really changed. It was 210-215 before diagnosis, and now its 200. As a male, I stand at 5 feet, 10 inches

When am I going to get better? My last bloodwork (6 months ago) said that I am not getting any gluten in my diet. I have been taking my multivitamin. What am I doing wrong?

Should I be going easy when I work out, or is it time to try to work up a sweat?

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i just passed my first year mark last month. i am still tired as krap. but everything seems to be evening out and i hardly ever get sick anymore (ugh, i probably just jinxed myself) my muscles are rebuilding well - i have a doctor's appointment on the 30th and that is my major basic question: *when* am i going to quit feeling soooo tired?? i can't get a job if i can't stay awake..... :( i went 25 years undiagnosed, how long to recover????

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Celiac Belly may respond to the Paleo way of eating. Just eliminating gluten may be leaving too many carbs in your diet and your body doesn't know what to do with them...the pancreas puts out insulin to store all the extra carbs as fat...and the belly stays. If you eat more protein you might feel better and find that your metabolism responds better.

Mark's Daily Apple is my favortite site for Paleo. It is very informative about why it works and how to do it right. As a matter of fact today is the start of the 30 day challenge to try this way of eating. I always respond really well to this diet and it is perfect for Celiacs.

You maight be surprised at how much energy you regain and how quickly it happens when you stop the grains. It amazes me still. I've been on and off of it several times this year. Each time I go off it because I want a treat it results in gaining belly fat back. I have more energy to exercise when I eat this way. So I'm trying to make it a permanent lifestyle.

I think men's bodies respond especially well to this. My son was overweight and not really losing or toning up even after months on being gluten free. He is 16 and we both try to avoid grains and carbs now so we can use our bodies better. He has lost weight and gained muscle rapidly. I don't think it is for everyone, but read about it and see if it is for you.

I love the information and the articles about why gluten is bad for everyone and why all grains are too. It might not work for you, but it might be worth a try. We felt way better just 5 days in! Muscle tone is improving rapidly. The only problem is Snickers are not Paleo...but we don't worry about that every once in a while! :D

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