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Need To Reintroduce Gluten - What's The Best To Eat

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I have finished a 3 week allergy cleanse and am introducing food groups one at a time for three days - I'm fairly certain my issue is gluten and am wondering what would be the best thing to eat during the reintroduction phase...thanks for your help

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Hi and welcome.

I look for very simple foods to reintroduce after an elimination. If you're celiac, it will take a while for the gluten reaction to build up so you can't necessarily only add it back for a day or two and move on. I messed up that way and only figured out rye was a problem when I started going downhill after a few weeks. I'd recommend challenging with something that is pretty much pure wheat and not yeast-leavened (since yeast can be an allergen). Post shredded wheat cereal, a flour and water pasta, or bulgur wheat would work.

Good luck!

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