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Candida & Celiac

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I recently heard a fellow Celiac mention that he suffers from Candida... I've seen this on a lot of celiac sites, but was uncertain what it was. After reading the symptoms and taking the written test I'm thinking that I could possibly suffer from that as well. That would explain my weight gain and cravings. I don's suffer from the yeast infections... more the neurological and mood aspects of it. Anyone have thoughts, experiences or diagnosis tips? Is there a blood test you can take to confirm or rule out diagnosis? I'm going to be starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet October 17th ... if in fact I do suffer from this as well... it should take care of it for me.

Also, after doing further reading on Candida many have reported that a Colonic was very helpful and beneficial when suffering from Candida and Celiac. I'm a little reluctant and uneasy about a colonic. Has anyone done it and do they think that it would be helpful for me? I'm interested in your thoughts on any of these topics.

A lot of these symptoms myic Celiac and go hand in hand from what I'm told. http://www.candida-yeast-explained.com/candida-symptoms.html

I know that the Celiac is not a false diagnosis... I've have numerous bloodwork and a biopsy/endoscopy.

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I don't think a colonic would be necessary, rather just add some pro-biotics to your diet, both in supplement form, and in cultured yogurt (full fat, plain and unsweetened, if you can tolerate dairy) to balance the bacteria in your gut. Also, some extra fiber and water in your diet can help to flush out pretty much everything. And avoid natural foods high in sugars, as well as manufactured foods with lots of added sugars.

The human body is amazingly designed to naturally "cleanse" itself, IF we feed it properly. I personally don't think invasive cleansing is necessary, and in some cases, can be detrimental to healing.

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