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Help Me With Test Results

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I am looking for help in understanding test results. Because I have celiac disease (diagnosed at age one), we had my daughter age 7 tested as a precaution. She was tested just before age 2 and came back negative (which I realize now isn't always accurate at that young of an age.) Anyway, she doesn't seem to have any major symptoms -- once in a while complains of a stomachache or headache -- but not on a regular basis and perhaps not anymore than another child might.

I asked our ped for a copy of her test results, but didn't get a good explanation of what each test meant -- especially the one that was a weak positve. He just said we'd use this as a baseline and retest her again to see if anything has changed.

On a side note, I'd say she eats a normal gluten containing diet. I usually cook our family dinners to be gluten free, but her breakfast, school lunch, and snacks are all gluten filled.

Antigliadin Abs, IgA Result 1 NEGATIVE (Neg - 0-19, weak Pos 20-30, Pos >30)

Antigliadin ABS IgG Result 3 NEGATIVE (Neg o-19, Weak 20-30, Pos >30)

Translutaminase Iga Result <2 NEGATIVE (neg 0-3, weak 4-10, pos >10

T-transglutaminase (tTG) IgG Res 6 WEAK POSITIVE (Neg 0-5, Weak Pos 6-9, Pos >9)

Endomysial IgA Negative

Immunoglobulin A Result 96

What does the weak positve in her tTG IgG mean? Can I assume that this number will only go up as she continues to eat gluten and get older?

Thanks for your help!

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Is there anyone with knowledge on test results that can help me? Like I said, dr. seemed concerned enough that we should definately retest again - but didn't have any other info than that to share. Is there a resource online that does a good job at explaining test results?


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