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Avatar Restaurant - Marin County In San Francisco Bay Area

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I wanted to thank the proprietor of Avatar Restaurant in Sausalito for a great, gluten-free experience! Instead of rolling his eyes when I announced that I was gluten-free, the owner clapped his hands together joyously. "I'll make you the best meal you've ever had!" he exclaimed. Ok, maybe that was a bit of boisterous, Punjabi bragging (there's a reason why so many Bollywood stars are Punjabi) but it was delicious and interesting food, a meal that I'll remember forever. My dishes weren't even on the menu - how awesome is that when you're gluten-free!

They call the food at Avatar "confusion fusion" - very California! Their specialty is enchiladas with Indian spices. The owner brought me pumpkin enchiladas -yum! I particularly enjoyed a second dish that featured a mix of sauteed tofu, raw cabbage, eggplant, potatoes, and other veggies with sweet and sour flavors over rice. It was culinary greatness, but I can't tell you what it was called. The restaurant has the feel of a diner on a weekday afternoon, and regulars on stools were chatting away with our Punjabi host. Really lovely atmosphere.

Avatar is easily reached from the waterfront district of Sausalito. It's just a mile or so down Bridgeway (possible to reach by bike if you're renting and riding over the GG bridge from San Francisco). I'd recommend it to anyone who likes interesting food, but especially those who are gluten-free. It's worth a special trip. I'd also suggest trying Avatar Punjabi Burrito in Mill Valley, owned by the same family (although I can't personally vouch for that one).


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They are really tasty. I had read a travel writer's review in a midwestern newspaper and thought, hey, that's within a weekend trip driving distance, no airplane trip required, so we had a meal there last year. The hot chai tea and the lamb burritos were very good, too.

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