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Dh Vs. Ezcema?

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Is there a vast difference between DH and ezcema? Can you have DH in a very specific spot?

I have an area that is about 1 inch in diameter on my palm, that I have been dealing with since July. My dermatologist, said its ezcema and scoffed at the idea of it being related to food allergies, and said it was instead stress related. I rather do not like the idea that he blew off the possibility of allergies...as isn't that what ezcema is suppodely linked to.

It goes through stages where it initially breaksout, you can see tiny water blisters under the surface of the skin, and it starts hurt/itching....then finally the blisters come to the surface, and it hurts/itches intensly at this point. If I am careful I can not itch it and keep the blisters intact. If I break them they ooze water. Either way it then scales over, then becomes like this solid inflamed peels off and leaves a red spot (almost like I burned my hand). Then I wait a few weeks and it starts again.

The Dermatologist gave me the maximum strength steroid cream and while it seems to help keep me out of the intensly itchy/painful stage, it just isn't getting rid of it. The pain is so bad that for 2-3 days I wake up at night with it.

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See the description for the last eczema type: http://www.medicinenet.com/eczema/page2.htm

Perhaps this is what the derm thinks it is?

If s/he won't biopsy (to see if it's DH) there's really not much else to do but try to relieve symptoms. It's incredibly frustrating, I know.

Whether mine is DH or eczema or little aliens in my skin....gluten withdrawal seems to solve the problem (with a little help from iodone withdrawal for a while).

I also get sores on my hand - was dx'ed as herpes Whitlow when I was a kid. I wonder now....but until I get another breakout I'll never know (I get a little knot sometimes on my finger but never a big oozing sore like when I was a kid).

Man oh man, Derms don't want to dx DH do they????? It's like an inbred "NO".

And it's common to have DH in a primary area. Mine is under my arms....both of them...thrilling.

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MeToo, me too! :lol:

I have palmoplantar pustular psoriasis. Here is a link to an article with pictures:


Now, I have just learned there is a possibility that the nickel in my food is bothering me, and in my research I discovered that there is another rash that shows up on the hands and feet called dyshidrosis. It looks very much like the PPP, but with PPP the blisters look more like a whitehead pimple. With dyshidrosis, they are more like water filled blisters.

Gluten free made mine go away until I started developing (uncovering) other intolerances. I now get flare-ups when I ingest corn, salicylates, and nickel. But if I just eat meat and cheese and cauliflower, my hands and feet stay healed.

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Oh yeah, here's a link to an article about dyshidrosis. Check out the pictures. They look almost the same don't they?


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Depending on the type of eczema there can

Be a vast diff between it & DH. ..but... It sounds like you have pompholyx eczema which mainly appears on hands & feet in blister form & itches like nothing else. I have it- my GP thought it was DH but my dermatologist is certain it's pompholyx due to the way it's attacked my cuticles. Pompholyx reacts to the body very much like DH from the inside out.

My derm has allergy tested me with various substances some of which I have reacted to- but she believes the main cause is dietary ie-gluten for if I get glutened within 4-5 hrs I'm itching & blistering all over my hands.

Steroid cream, emollients etc have worked along side anti histimines. Roobios tea relieves the burning and itching: drink it and soak affected areas in it-I kid u not!! but use lots of emollient cream as mine dried , splits & bleeds if not careful.

Check out the eczema/pompholyx uk web page-very helpful & get a good dermatologist!

Good luck


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