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Bread Machine, Its All Here.

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I have been looking and looking on here to find information on a good bread machine. So now I am going to try this. Can some one please tell me a good machine? Lets get it all in one place so it is easier for others to find in the future please.

Thank you,

Forress ( Grump )

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We love the workhorse Zorijrushi... I had it for years & it always runs never died on me... with some machines the gluten-free dough just burns up the motors so for me it was better to pay more at first then to have to replace .......

There are many now that have the gluten-free setting programed in.. But I would not switch ... The zo is & I think always been top of the line...


PS. There is also the Bready machine but with that you must use theirpre-packaged mixes...

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