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  1. GRUMP 1

    Five Guys And Fries

    Love Five guys, cant wait to try them with my new found gluten free buns from Franz.
  2. I have been making tater-tot casserole for many many years. Before I even got sick. Now I do a gluten free version but I use cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup, but no cheese or chips. Kids loved it before and love the new gluten free version also.
  3. I did not see any of those things in there. Would really be worth your time to go see it they carry it. So last night I was able to try the hamburger buns for the first time. I will NEVER have to worry about getting buns again. I just found the best that there is. They are so soft and have such a great flavor. I would really really recommend these buns and bread for any one looking for great bread. You will not be sorry.
  4. Franz makes gluten free bread. YES you read it right gluten free bread by Franz. I have been gluten free for more then 10 years now and have tried about every kind of bread there is to try I think. But there is NOTHING to compare to Franz. It is the most wonderful soft, tasty gluten free bread you have ever had. I buy it at the out let store here in Longview. I have not seen it in any major store as of yet though. It is $4.99 a loaf. They are also doing hamburger buns that I have not gotten to try yet. But when I do I will report it here. They are also suppose to be doing a gluten free cereal again have not been able to try it yet. Hope there is some where near you so you can try it also.
  5. We have tried one of their popcorn seasoning. We were not impressed with it at all. We went to one of their parties and were served chicken with some seasoning on it. I think it was ok but dont remember what flavor it was. Then my nephew bough me the gluten-free bread mix. It came out of the oven full and looking great only to fall after it cooled. But it had a good taste to it. But with the cost being as high as it is I will not buy it my self. Good luck with what ever you get. Grump
  6. Can some one please tell me how I change my email for signing in. I am no longer using the one I have had in the past. Want to start getting updates to my new email. Thank you, Forress, grump
  7. I have been looking and looking on here to find information on a good bread machine. So now I am going to try this. Can some one please tell me a good machine? Lets get it all in one place so it is easier for others to find in the future please. Thank you, Forress ( Grump )
  8. GRUMP 1

    Taco Time

    I thought I saw on here one time a long time ago about tacos at Taco time were save to eat. Does any one have any info. on this one for me? Thank you, Forress
  9. Ok so I finely broke down and tried the gluten free oats. Oh they were so good, 8-). So know I have a question. Some one please correct me if I am wrong on this. Can I take those oats grind them up to flour and make bread with it? Would I still need to add a binder to it such as gargum or is the gluten that is in oats going to hold it all together? Also can I make it cup for cup using a recipe that calls for wheat flour? Thank you, Forress
  10. I had one of these offered to me yesterday. But did not know any thing about them. So has any one out there tried Hornsby's Hard Apple Cider? Is it safe to drink? Looking on line I see there are other brands also. So is there any other brands of hard ciders that are save to drink also. Thank you, Grump
  11. My Daughter bout me some at Wal-mart in Vancouver Wa. I get it on Tuesday. She also got the hamburger helper. Cant wait to try them both. Grump
  12. My sister found these at Costco and bought me some. They are Mrs. Mays Trio bars. They come in several different flavors and are very good. She said they cost $1.00 each but they are just great. I am going to be buying some more of them. Check them out if you get a chance. Grump
  13. GRUMP 1

    Tater Tot Casserole

    Yes I buy the Health Valley soup at Fred Myers
  14. GRUMP 1

    Tater Tot Casserole

    I made this just a couple nights ago. But I use oreida tater tots, health valley cream of chicken and mushroom soup, and hamburger. I use more chicken soup then mushroom because I like that flavor more. Then I usually add some better then bullion to it just for added flavor as the soup is a bit on the bland side. Cook the meat then layer tots, meat, and soup until all gone. Cook in 350 oven until hot. Stir a few times while cooking in the oven. Forress Grump
  15. GRUMP 1

    Try This

    Call the Nestle Hot line at 1-800 295-0051. When asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, wait quietly for about 10 seconds and you will smile. Listen to all the prompts then and press 4. Then press 7. Don't give away the surprise. Whoever thought of this at Nestle deserves a raise!! If its busy, keep trying....ITS WORTH IT!! This will give you a good laugh for the day. Grump