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De-Tox Roller Coaster

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Boy, this detox process sure is a roller-coaster, and far from the fun ones we ride at the amusement park. Been off gluten, soy and dairy for 2+ weeks. Wednesday and yesterday were very good appetite/eating/digestion days, to the point where I said to myself......"self, is that light I see at the end of the tunnel?". Today, I wake up with the preverbial "bowling ball" in my stomach. Been up for 4 hours, including 1 hour at the gym lifting weights and still the bowling ball and no appetite. Even club soda with a bit of OJ isn't digesting easily. Seems like it's a few steps up and the few steps back. I'm hoping for more steps up!


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You got it a few steps forward & 2 back.. The good news is you are very early into de-toxing,some go through the process without set-backs & others it can take between 2& 5 years & still be having problems. There was a study done on this......As the saying goes"Rome wasn't built in a day"... Most of us have abused our bodies with unhealthy food choices for most of our life so it will take time to recover from that abuse...

Digestive enzymes( I use Digestive Gold Brand) & probiotics may help & a little mineral oil to clean out your bowels.

There are many suggestions for homemade remedies that some find helpful....Then there are products like glutenease, gluten -out & so on.

Double check all your steps to make sure you are not getting gluten into your diet ..


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