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Kraft Singles From Malaysia

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Hi guys, need some help here, will like to check whether the kraft singles from this website http://www.kraftfoods.com.my/kf_as.html is gluten free? is it the same as the american kraft singles? is the cheese manufactured in american? I see the cheese label and it seem to be manufactured in hongkong.


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This is an old topic, but my attention has been drawn to it.

Kraft Foods Inc. is a multinational company. They have a policy regarding labeling gluten that applies to all products in all countries in which they operate:

The ingredient information on labels of Kraft products is very specific to help you make accurate and informed choices. If a Kraft product has an ingredient that is a source of gluten, the specific grain will be listed in the ingredient statement, no matter how small the amount. For labeling purposes, Kraft products will always state the names 'wheat, barley, rye and/or oats' when they are added to a product either directly as an ingredient or as part of an ingredient.

The above quote is from here. Click for a more complete statement.

Read the label on a Kraft product and you will know whether or not it is gluten-free. I trust Kraft, and you can too.

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