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Back to the same old symptoms.

Right now I'm extremely lethargic, stuffed up (due to a recent sneezing fit), pain around my nose and eyes and forehead (sinus areas) and a very slight feeling of nausea. I want to go lay down for a nap but I know I'll feel worse when I wake up, for some unknown reason.

Could this have been from being glutened over the weekend, or is it too late for that? Could it be I ate something with gluten unknowingly? I just can't see my symptoms starting 3 days after I consumed the product, and lasting for what will be 3 days now.

This is exactly the feeling I did not miss when I gave up gluten to see if it would help. I have been eating gluten free oats every day, maybe I should stop eating that as well.


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It is estimated that about 10% of celiacs react to the protein(avenin) in oats(even pure gluten free oats) and I am unfortunately one of them. I can't even tolerate cross contamination from them in gluten free products. You could drop the gluten free oats for a bit and see how you feel. You can challenge them later and see if your symptoms return.

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