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Entero Lab Gene Test: Positive!

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Got the gene test results today from Entero Lab. Wow, am I glad I got this done! I have one genetic marker for Celiac and one genetic marker for gluten sensitivity. They told me that this means that it is strongly suggested that I avoid gluten. Also, my kids will have inherited at least one of those genetic markers, but there is now way of knowing which one unless they get tested.

I had gotten two Celiac blood tests done, ten years ago and just recently. Both were negative. However, my IgA was low, and Entero Lab explained to me that because of that, any IgA test will not be accurate. IgG and IgE would be more accurate, but those are more histamine reactions (as in "food allergy" instead of "food intolerance/sensitivity.")

So, hats off to Dr. Langer for telling me to avoid gluten because of my Hashi's, and hats off also to others who have gotten this information out there into the public eye and helped me become aware of this. Because the MD's are CLUELESS. FRICKING CLUELESS!!!!

As much as I hate this new reality of my life, I have adapted pretty well to a gluten-free diet. Eating out is really the only problem (in general). As a family, our lives were hard enough having two daughters who are allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and legumes (such as peas and soy). Now we add this to the mix and we become "that allergy family" at a restaurant, LOL.

Fortunately, because of my daughters' allergies, I understand how to read labels and deal with food problems. I just never in a million years thought that I'd need to do it for myself. In fact, I always (ironically) thanked the lord that "at least we don't have the celiac thing."

My youngest daughter is having a very hard time right now with PCOS. I suspect thyriod problems. She has tested negative for both thyroid antibodies. But now I wonder about gluten. I am taking her to a licensed Naturopath tomorrow, and to a Reproductive Endo next week. I will ask them to run a full Celiac panel on her (whichever one does it...I don't care....it's through the same lab covered by my insurance). I know for a fact that she has at least one of those genetic markers and I think it's a good idea to find out whether gluten is playing a role in her new hormonal problems.

MY next challenge for myself is to determine whether I also have a problem with casein. I strongly suspect that I might. I know that many of you who have gone gluten free have also gone dairy free. I have been resisting that, but my body is still unhappy with SOMETHING and I have to figure out what it is. Many people in the thyroid community have gone Paleo (no grains at all...at least I think that's what Paleo is). I don't know if I'm reacting to other grains. I sure hope not. But I'll just roll with the punches. I am coming to terms with this and it's just easier to accept it than to fight it.

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Glad for you that you got some confirmation! Wow, it's good to have some answers. Good luck with your search for the hidden irritant, hope things settle down for you soon.

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