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Diagnosis Question

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33 Male

Here is my history: Acid reflux for about 7 years with some newly acquired Barrets Esophagus (a few years away from ablation)

Last year I have been having odd symptoms, shortness of breath (like I cant catch my breath), constant burping, some adbominal pain (after Bowel movements) and I have always had one or two canker sores a year, but they were coming more prevalant. And these symptoms were really all the time, food didnt really change my symptoms (except abdomen pain sometimes) ANd they are not severe, just absolute annoying, especially the shortness of breath.

ONe GI I went to for years just kept saying IBS and giving me Bentyl, but i really didnt have constipation or diarehea. Most of the time I am normal there or I fluctuate a little.

SO I went to a new GI, who decided to attack and find out what was wrong. First suspected Gall Bladder,but ultrasound and HIDA scan negative.

Blood tests, one came back positive for wheat allergy, moderate.

Now I am having a scope on Monday. Does this mean without a doubt Celiac??

Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I was told to go on gluten free diet to start, but was given no specifics so far. And I am going nuts.

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Which test was it that came back positive? If it was tTG it could be celiac or something else. They generally do the scope anyway, regardless of what tests are positive, because "that's the way they've always done it." The doctor may be able to see damage through the scope or you may have to wait until the biopsy reports come back. IBS is a common misdiagnosis of celiac.

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