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Pregnant, Work In Pizza Restaurant

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Hello everyone!

I am 26 years old and a self diagnosed celiac. (I have my obgyn working hard to refer me to a GI specialist who will accept my medicaid as we speak)

However, i am also 6 months pregnant, and my celiac symptoms are OUT OF CONTROL. I didn't feel good before i got pregnant, and now i just want to die. I have been working in a pizza kitchen for a year as a server, and i notice that when walking by the dough station sometimes the very smell makes me feel...strange. I notice that when picking up plates, the dust gets on my hands and makes me itch. They have little plastic containers full of flour that they periodically dust the pizza line with.

I know it seem obvious, but I think i need someone to tell me that inhaling the flour is why i am still suffering from such horrible headaches, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea. Because my husband is on disability and i make good money at this place, and have a great management team. I will be devastated if I have to quit...but if i continue to feel like this for the rest of my pregnancy i swear i will KILL SOMEBODY. I spend my days off laying in bed recooperating from the runs so that I can work.

And no, i cannot wear a mask. How would you feel if your waitress came up to you wearing a mask to take your order? Hahaha...maybe i can write "ALLERGIC TO FLOUR" in big black letters....*face palm*

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Anything that gets in your mouth, like flour in the air or on your fingers, will get to your intestines.

If you are having D so bad that you have to stay home, you will be dehydrated. You will not be eating what your baby needs to grow and survive. Surely your OB is concerned about this as these things can cause you to miscarry.

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