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My new GI is amazing...!!!

We're doing an ultrasound, CT scan, bloodwork, full panel. He's throwing the works for Celiac and Schincter of Oddi dysfunction. After a month of being Celiac.. I'm pretty confident and also if I'm sensitive it won't show. But I'm still confident its Celiac..

I love him.. he is soooo amazing...!!! He listens and asks what I need...I told him, I want a second child, but I don't want crazy drugs, I want to control whatever I have through diet, and save the drugs for when I'm done having kids.. he told me that we are going to do our best to make this happen..

Because if it is something else I still want the same things..

The last GI did and colonoscopy and didn't even test me for Celiac.. When I told him it ran in my family.. My new GI use to be his partner and just shook his head. I can tell those two had a falling out.. Good thing I got the good one now!!! The last one just wanted to give me an IBS diagnosis and call it a day.. I thank god and everyone for prayers that I found the right Doctor and I pray that all those out there can do the same.. If they say IBS, run.. If your having unexplained pain at a 6 or 7, in the upper quadrant under your right rib, and have no gallbladder.. Something is wrong.. you don't have IBS.. Good thing I knew better than to talk to the old GI anymore and went back for another referral..

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I am really glad you have found a great GI! :D

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Lucky! Most doctors that i've seen treat me like im a customer in a drive through at a fast food restaurant. I swear, i've never had luck with them. They all seem to want to do what is easiest for them and makes the most money. Glad you found someone good! Hang on to him!

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