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Is This Celiacs?

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About three years ago I started feeling dizzy, anxious and within a short period gained 25 pounds which is especially a lot as I only weighed 125. I had always had mild anxiety but now it was severe. And I chalked up the weight gain to the fact I was dating a baker.

Over the year I seemed to be getting weaker, but I figured that it was cause I had gained 25 pounds. Then I started having abdominal bloating, seizures as I fell asleep, cognitive issues, neurological issues, derealization and intense anxiety. I was taken to the hospital twice for abdominal pain. Doctors never found anything besides the fact I was anemic. I also saw undigested food in my stools yet doctors told me I was just anxious.

I asked my doctor if the anemia could be causing the problems. She laughed it off. Crazy as I was living in Boston one of the cities with the best healthcare.

I moved to Cape Cod - middle of nowhere in the winter - and doctors immediately told me I needed to get my iron replenished - and that based on my testing it was likely that I had celiacs. Yesterday the doctor informed me that my iron was plummeting. My ferretin went from 44 to 14 in a matter of 3 months despite the fact that I've been eating my daily iron requirements. The hemotologist said this was very likely idicator of celiacs.

Has anyone else had these symptoms?

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Oh yes I have.

Your story reads like my own.

the anxiety, despair, weight gain, feeling unreal, Dr.'s not believing anything is wrong, attributing everything to anxiety or implying that I was a hypochondriac.

I had migraines and muscle weakness so severe I could hardly walk. Then pain pills, and a nightmarish depression that lasted for years in addition to sores that would not heal.

Eventually they said it was fibromyalgia and to accept that it wouldn't get any better.


Luckily for me I stumbled upon Celiac.com and luckily for you, you moved to a place in the middle of nowhere where you could find a Dr. who would help you. congratulations!!

That is one smart Dr.

I saw a bunch of them too. Celiac isn't on their radar...it is a shame.

If this is what you have, you are going to be feeling soooo much better soon.

Read as much as you can, eat as much whole food as you can and watch yourself age backwards for about the next two years. It gets better. Welcome to the board.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.


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