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Blood Test For Celiac

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I just got the results of my blood test and the tissue transglutaminase Ab IgA showed up as high. The results say >100.0 and it is flagged as H. Below that it say Interpretations: Positive (>10.0) <4.0 Negative.

The Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IgG is 2.4 with the reference value <6.0 (negative)

>100.0 seems very high. What does this mean? The blood work was ordered by my neurologist. I have MS. He hasn't gotten back to me about this.

Thanks for your help!

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The IgA reading is the one normally relied on. The IgG is only used if you are not a normal IgA producer. With a score that high it is pretty likely that you have celiac disease, but he may want to refer you to a GI for a biopsy so do not stop eating gluten just yet. Follow up with your neurologist and see what he plans to do. (There are some other autoimmune disorders that could raise tTG.)

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