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Cate K

How Long Must You Be Gluten Free Before It Shows In A Blood Test

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Because of all of the trouble I have been having with gluten, I have recently taken it out of my diet. Thus, my daughter is eating the same food I am. How long can she be off gluten before it would affect her blood test. I would like to have her tested after I receive the results of my blood work which will be the middle of March.

Should I have her continue to eat toast etc? I have tried to rid my kitchen of gluten containing products, but I would like to make sure her blood work is accurate. Right now she had no definitive symptoms, but complains frequently of a tummy ache. (It happened so frequently that I thought she was saying that so I would let her stay home from school).

Please share if you have experience with this. Thank you very much.

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I have seen it recommended that you not stay gluten free longer than a week if you are planning on being tested for celiac; otherwise, you are looking at 2-3 months to build your antibody levels back up for testing.

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