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Pizza Pie Cafe And Eleanor's Bake Shop

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Went out twice this week. On Tuesday I went with my husband to Pizza Pie Cafe. They do an all you can eat salad, pizza and pasta and for an extra $2 you can get a gluten free pizza brought to your table. The pasta was overcooked and falling apart, but the sauce was delicious. I made my husband get a gluten free pizza too so I could have one regular and one dessert pizza. While both were okay, the crust left something to be desired. Overall though, at $7 to go between 2 and 4 it wasn't a bad deal... or so I thought. About an hour or so after we got home I realized that something I ate was contaminated. Thankfully I wasn't sick more than a few hours but I would recommend anyone against going here.

Second, for my anniversary yesterday my husband finally took me to Eleanor's Bake Shop which is about 30 minutes away. We haven't gone before because driving half an hour for a cupcake seems a bit silly. I got an almond cupcake and some cake pops and a chicken salad arepa. I was a little scared, because who puts cinnamon in chicken salad, but then I took a bite. It was ecstasy, as were the cake pops and cupcake. Anyone who gets anywhere near Salt Lake City in Utah should absolutely look this bakery up. The flavors change every day, but they post a menu on their website so you know what they'll have before you head there.

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