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Does Anyone Know How To Kill Or "inactivate" Gluten?

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I thought I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome before I was diagnosed with celiac. (It’s still possible that I do). My doctor was willing to prescribe Singulair, which is an asthma medicine, because it also treats MCAS. As I understand it, mast cells are a factor in inflammatory and allergic reactions. I felt better than I have in years after a week on the med. unfortunately since going gluten free I started having other issues, but ANYWAY, my point is that I wonder if you can get your doctor to prescribe Singulair off label to see if it helps you. I am not a doctor, but Singulair is being studied as a treatment for celiac. https://celiac.org/about-the-foundation/featured-news/2016/06/help-support-research-toward-a-treatment-for-celiac-disease/

It seems that you are reacting to SOMETHING and so for quality of life, it seems like some further discussion with doctors is important. Most people on this forum seem able to travel the world as long as they wash hands and watch what they eat. The intractability of your symptoms seems very unusual.

Again, not a doctor just offering a possible avenue to explore.



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