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Dermatitis Herpetiformis

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I'm 90% sure the rash I have is DH. Its been 3 weeks and I am going strict gluten-free starting today. I have also had joint pain and today some petechiae in my lower arm. I'm feeling very stressed by this and just need some feedback. I see my doctor on Friday to ask about dapsone and going gluten-free. I saw a doctor who gave me corticosteroid cream that was $45 and NOTHING! It actually made the itching worse. I have in the past been told I have IBS and I have confirmed autoimmune thyroiditis as well. I take ERFA and Cytomel for my thyroid. I just wan to feel well and have energy and stop itching! I will try my best to attach some photos....thanks in advance for any help. Oh jeez, does anyone know how to post photos? I'm slow.

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Yeah, your description surely does sound like you may have DH.

Dr.'s often do not recognize DH and I think you are wise to start your gluten free trial.

Unless you want to be officially diagnosed.

Then you would need to keep eating gluten to test positive.

If you don't care about testing then it is fine to go gluten free to test if that is it.

DH is very and I mean VERY sensitive to gluten. So if you do not get results quickly, do not despair that it is not DH. Also, many people must limit iodine in order to heal. To learn how to do that you can go to Thyca.com.

However, you might want to ask the Dr. since you are on thyroid meds that probably contain iodine.

Be careful with Dapsone, as it has some serious side effects for some people. Others tolerate it, but I broke out all over in a red pinpoint raised rash that was very scary. I think you have to be monitored for anemia while you are on it. Benzocaine products can take the edge off of the stinging and itching and burning sensation. Try Walgreens Pain Relieving Ointment. Or Bactine. Or Solarcaine. Some people say Orajel works too.

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