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Bingeing And Weight Loss

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So I started another thread asking issues about my weight, but bow I've found this dedicated forum just for those questions.

The past week or so, I've literally been bingeing on chocolate and backed goods. I haven't gained any weight other than the horrible bloating I've been feeling. My question is, will I gain weight from this? I'm still awaiting diagnosis, but I'm really concerned. The reason I was checked for coeliacs is BECAUSE of my dramatic weight loss. A bit of fat wouldn't hurt!

However, if it is coeliacs disease that I have, will it only be when I start eating gluten free that I will begin to gain a bit of weight?

Forgive me if my questions are annoying, but there aren't many place where I live to go ask questions about the disease. Intact it's almost unheard of unfortunately!

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