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    Fountain pens, the Church, my family, coeliacs disease, and making gluten free foods.

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I am currently awaiting my diagnosis, an trying to learn as much as I can about living without gluten. I never really new much about coeliacs disease before my doctor suggested I might even have it! But, I joined these forums to remedy that and with your help, if I'm diagnosed, I want to live a gluten-free life. I'm sick of being sick, and still learning! :)

  1. I'm trying for tacos tonight. Don't know how this will work, I'm used to traditional foods...not tacos. Wish me luck.
  2. Tonight I'm having Shepherd's Pie! Naturally gluten-free.
  3. And this is why I get made that some people think this is a fad diet Sure, eat gluten-free. It doesn't bother me, but Dominos having this crust doesn't help matters, it will probably only leave a lot of people sick from the unknown cc.
  4. I'd be afraid to go back too! You learn more about what's wrong with you from the Shopping Channel than you do doctors, I believe. Here's something to lighten the thread up a bit. I went to the dentist a few days ago to fill the last of my 9 cavities. This was strange, since I brush my teach...
  5. I had t-bone steak, and LOTS of fresh salad on the side. I'm waiting for the berries to start growing! At Summer, I tend to go "berry-tarian".....with the occasional apple, but it's only spring yet.
  6. I had a healthy-in-my-own-eyes supper A Glutino English muffin toasted under the grill, with a gluten-free turkey sausage-thing, a tomato, and vegetables on the side. Then I had a Kinnikinnick Banana muffin, chocolate-coated almonds, dark chocolate Cadbury bar...hmm, what else, OH! Chocolate...
  7. I had chicken breast and spuds with this seasoning I found randomly shopping. And chocolate covered almonds Oh, and Gluten Free Pantry chocolate-chip cookies
  8. I have one. Doctor: "It's probably not coeliacs but it could be coeliacs, don't worry about it"
  9. I think Doctors SHOULD do a nice Google every now and then. They might learn something I know they're educated, but to tell you that it only affects digestion is quite ridiculous. Would it hurt for him to say "We'll check you for _____"? Then again they probably wouldn't check you for...
  10. I said worse than that. I do feel bad now though, kind of.
  11. When you're bent over in pain in the doctor's office, the doctor comes in, looks at you, and asks cheerily "And how are we today!". I think my answer alone caused her to test me for more than coeliac disease.
  12. Hot turkey sandwiched today. Turkey from yesterday's Easter dinner! Also, turnips and cabbage maybe.
  13. For tea, we're having fish and chips. But looking at this thread is giving me ideas for what to have the next week. I hope to get my diagnosis soon.