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    Fountain pens, the Church, my family, coeliacs disease, and making gluten free foods.
  1. In a processor: 1 cup Quinoa Tablespoon olive oil Teaspoon cilantro Tablespoon sour cream Teaspoon parsley Tablespoon...
  2. Mateto

    If A Bun Touches A Burger?

    It'd still be cross-contaminated, and not suitable for our eating. Just give specific instructions, because I know...
  3. Mateto

    Applesauce Cake

    That looks SO good. I'm definitely trying it.
  4. How about soy, or any nuts? Maybe it's not just lactose but casein as well? I know exactly how you feel. I'd suggest...
  5. Mateto

    Favorite Addictive Tv Shows

    Republic of Doyle, Little Britain, Hell's Kitchen, and Eat Street. Eat Street never came on until I discovered I could...
  6. Someone suggested I try tinned pumpkin to replace eggs or butter. It may just work. Also, you an grind maybe....7 or...
  7. Mateto

    Flour Questions

    Welcome to the fascinating world of gluten-free baking. You CAN get cup-for-cup substitutions, such as Better Batter...
  8. Mateto

    Some Humor To Help Cope

    The oat milk girl was funny Thank you!
  9. Mateto

    Birthday Cake?

    Glutino has a chocolate cake which is just heavenly, and can be easily adjusted to be made dairy-free.
  10. I'm so sorry! I know other people who can't tolerate oats either...feel better soon.
  11. Mateto

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    'Twas tea, diet Sprite, and two slices of Kinnikinnick toast. Peanut butter, marmalade, butter, and margarine smothered...
  12. Your post got me emotional I know what it's like. The doctor thinks you're looney, but you're not. You are SICK. I...
  13. Mateto

    Coconut Flour?

    Almond meal is almond flour. Yes, you can put the shreds of coconut into a processor, and it will turn into flour. It...
  14. Mateto


    Don't drink too much (in one gulp, I mean)