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Diagnosis Confusion

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I recently went through blood marker testing (which was negative) and then had an endoscopy in which my biopsies were labled Early Celiac Marsh 1. Neither of my doctors (Primary or GI) has been really open to discussion...

I am trying to determine if I am trully Celiac? I now am going to live a Gluten Free life, but no one has mentioned to me anything about getting my children tested.

Quite confused and would appreciate any help that can be offered.

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If your biopsy (which from what I've seen tends to be conservative when reported) says Celiac then yes, I'd say you're Celiac.

Sorry you have such duds for doctors.

Yes, you should go gluten-free and consider yourself Celiac and on the autoimmune spectrum. The University of Chicago Celiac Center http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/ has some excellent handouts on what you should do for testing, and includes testing family members.

I'd suggest finding new doctors if these aren't up to it (sounds like they aren't). Get copies of all your tests to take with you.

Read around the board to start getting an idea about eating gluten-free and Celiac, then start asking questions.

And welcome!

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