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How Do I Kill The Anxiety?

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How do you stop yourself from freaking out, thinking it's more serious than Celiac Disease?

I know that my weight loss between last Friday (4/20) and this past Wednesday (4/25) was 172 to 164. I wasn't eating much because I was afraid everything I ate was going to make me sick and taking laxatives because the ER doctor told me I was constipated. I am just so scared. I want to know what's going on with my body. I hate that I had the blood test done on a Friday afternoon which means that I probably won't get my results until like Tuesday. I want to go back to work and get back to doing things.

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Just remember that celiac disease can have very severe symptoms and that it affects everyone differently. It is very possible it is just celiac. But you'll know soon enough, so make yourself a nice cup of gluten free tea, and watch a movie or do something else that is distracting. Also, at least you have doctor's involvement, so you will get help and they can help you through it. Other bowel disorders are quite manageable once you get the right diagnosis. My husband has crohns, and he's doing much better than me if I've come in contact with any gluten or intolerances in the last couple weeks!

I tried taking a laxative once, and boy the effects of that sure had me thinking it was more than just gluten!!! Needless to say, I will NEVER do that again. Listen to the doctors of course, but be nice to your body!

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